Spam Can Be Funny

When I posted some funny spam a while back, one of my commenters suggested I do it from time to time. I’m sure your spam is as entertaining as mine is, but not all bloggers make the effort to dig through the junk to find legitimate comments. Lately I have been inundated with spam from people, … Read more

It’s Funny NOW, But Then … Roundup

The group writing project “It’s Funny NOW, But Then …” has ended. Although there weren’t many entries, the quality made up for the lack of quantity. Thanks to the bloggers who shared their “it’s funny NOW, but then …” moments. They brought us laughter, which was called “cheap medicine” by Lord Byron and “the music … Read more

It’s Funny NOW, But Then … Deadline is September 4

The deadline for the group writing project “It’s Funny NOW, But Then …” is Tuesday, September 4, at midnight, CST. Won’t you share something you can laugh about now – something that may have taught you a valuable lesson – that wasn’t funny at the time it happened? [tags]It’s Funny NOW, But Then …, group … Read more

Group Writing Project: It’s Funny NOW, But Then …

Always laugh when you can. It is cheap medicine. – Lord Byron (English Poet) In a recent conversation, a friend reminded me of an incident that had been frightening when it happened but now seems hilarious. We all have those experiences that are frightening or embarrassing at the time, but, when seen through the perspective … Read more