Resources for Readers—detailed reviews of books in many genres
Angie’s List–Home Reading: Books and Reviews—list of review and other book sites
Authorsdb—database of authors
AuthorsDen—online community of authors and readers
Fiction Addiction—network of fiction authors and readers
Goodreads—community of readers and writers to post reviews and discuss books
Library Thing—catalog your book and share your reviews and ratings
More Than Novellas—free to read online Christ-centered fiction
My Shelf—contests, reviews, holiday reading lists—online mysteries, mystery games, mystery books, and resources for mystery lovers
Reader Views—book reviews by volunteer readers
RT Book Reviews—magazine for fiction lovers

Ultimate Guide to Free Reading and Literacy Resources—resource for readers recommended by reader Marissa
Writing Corner—”site for writers who want to write and the readers who love them”

Resources for Writers and Bloggers

Self-Publishing Primer by Lillie Ammann (PDF)

Editing Primer by Lillie Ammann (PDF)

In addition to the Web sites below, be sure to check the great writing blogs on the blogroll. Also look for resources at Resources for Readers—many of the sites listed allow writers to submit their titles.

28 Inspirational Ideas for Blog Topics to Engage Your Audience

Academic Guide to Self-Publishing–self-publishing information geared to academics but helpful to other self-publishers as well
Academic Writing Guide—information on how to write academic papers, including brief information about the major style guides for citation
Bumbershoot, Inc.—full-service writing and editing company operated by Miriam Ruff
Coffee Break for Writers—monthly newsletter offering news, markets, interviews, and more
Daily Writing Tips—blog with helpful tips published daily
Enhance My Writing—links to indispensable resources for writers: reference material, style guides, jobs, and Web sites
E-Writers Place—online magazine for all writersExcel High School Writing Lab—step-by-step help for writing essays
Fiction Factor—online magazine for fiction writers
Freelance Writing—articles and job listings for freelance writersGrammar Check—Grammar, spelling, and punctuation checks; plagiarism detection; and more, all free Hand Hobbies: A Resource Guide to Writing Basics—a very basic guide to writing, helpful for young or beginning writers
Internet Resources for Writers—links to numerous Internet resources for writers
Punctuality Rules—grammar, punctuation, and writing advice
Rick Sutcliffe’s Writing Resources—resources for writers from author Rick Sutcliffe
Safestars Guide to Writing Styles—a guide to grammar and professional writing stylesUltimate Guide to Being a Freelancera comprehensive guide to starting and running a freelance business

Writer Beware—warnings about fraud and scams against writers
Writer’s Digest—tips, writing prompts, articles, and interviews from popular magazine for writers
Writer’s Weekly—information and markets for freelance writers and self-publishing/small press authors
Writer’s Write—information about books, writing, and publishing—community of writers and readersWriting Careers—basic overview of options available as writing careers

Writing Tips from Masters – links to writing advice from successful writers—articles for writers of all genres

Reference Resources

The following links lead to excellent reference and research sources.—Unlimited free access to great books, including many reference books, online—Dictionaries, thesaurus, resources, directories
The Elements of Style—Online edition of the classic style guide by William Strunk Jr.
Freeality—Search engines, people & business search, reverse lookups, maps, shopping, research

Grammica—Grammar checker
Infoplease—Online dictionary, encyclopedia, almanac, atlas, news
LIbrary Spot—Links to libraries of all kinds, reference materials, public records, books, periodicals, maps, encyclopedias, and much more
Memidex—Free online dictionary and thesaurus with several unique features
Merriam-Webster Online—dictionary and thesaurus—Links to public libraries by state, as well as state and national libraries
The Purdue Online Writing Lab (OWL)–Writing, grammar, style guides, research
Quotations and Sayings Database—Database of quotations and sayings searchable by subject or author
RefDesk—Facts and reference material
Time and Date—World clock, calendar generator, time zone search
The Time Now—World clock and more, accessible for sight-impaired

E-book Resources

Directories and E-Book/E-Book Reader Sellers

Directories and E-Book/E-Book Reader Sellers

Kindle Wireless Reading Device—device and books available from
Smashwords—e-books from independent publishers in a variety of formats for different e-book readers

Free E-Books

All Books Free—fiction, children’s literature, and poetry
Bibliomania—over 2000 free classic texts
Christian Classics Ethereal Library—classic Christian books in electronic format
Classic Short Stories—read short stories online
Digital Book Index—catalog of more than 148,000 online books, texts, and documents (120,000 free)
eBook Directory—”the biggest directory of free downloadable ebooks online”
Feedbooks—Free public domain books in popular formats—E-books delivered by RSS feed or downloadable PDF
ibiblio—one of the largest “collection of collections” from the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill
National Academies Press—more than 4,000 free e-books in the fields of science, engineering, and medicine
The Online Books Page—listing over one million free books on the Web from the University of Pennsylvania
Project Gutenberg—The oldest producer of free e-texts on the Internet

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Blogroll – Christian

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