Group Writing Project: It’s Funny NOW, But Then …

Always laugh when you can. It is cheap medicine.

– Lord Byron (English Poet)

In a recent conversation, a friend reminded me of an incident that had been frightening when it happened but now seems hilarious. We all have those experiences that are frightening or embarrassing at the time, but, when seen through the perspective of time, become funny.

I decided to post about the experience my friend and I shared a laugh over. Then I thought it would be fun to hear other bloggers’ “It’s funny NOW, but then …” stories, so I came up with a group writing project.

  • Write a post about something that you can laugh about today but that didn’t seem humorous at the time.
  • Link to this post and notify me in a comment or e-mail so I can include your post in the roundup of all the entries.
  • Deadline is midnight Central time on Tuesday, September 4th.

You can write about something that happened at home, school, work … anywhere. As long as you can look back on the situation and find the humor that you couldn’t see before, it’s fair game. I’m looking forward to some good laughs.

Take time to laugh – it is the music of the soul.

– From an old English prayer

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