Guest Post from Betsy Wagner: Life is Full of Surprises—Part 1: Writing

My writing life is a surprise—a good surprise. I love it. But it hasn’t been easy. In March 2019, I published the book SPIRIT OF GONZALES, the story of a young woman who came to Texas just in time for a revolution. The book started as a surprise. In 2008 my sister handed me three … Read more

The Entrepreneurship of Writing: Guest Post from Avery Phillips

As with any other group of creative individuals who attempt to live off their art, writers experience many obstacles and challenges in writing for a living. Writing for money is often an entrepreneurial feat: those who attempt to sell their writing must know the business and know how to sell themselves along with their writing … Read more

It Starts with a Good Mattress—How Sleep Can Make You Happier: Guest Post from Michael Denton

The current hustler mindset has everyone interested in making a good living clocking out late every night. The underlying idea is that, if you don’t go to bed dead-tired from the efforts during the day, you didn’t try enough. From a freelancer’s perspective, I completely understand the mindset. After all, we spend half of our … Read more

Writers Workshop in San Antonio

Interested in writing for magazines? Want to improve your professional or personal writing skills? Making a New Year’s resolution to work on your writing? If you answer “yes” to any of these questions, join Cedric Fisher and me for a two-part workshop on writing for magazines and other media on January 9 and February 13, … Read more

Book Writing & Publishing Workshop

Cedric Fisher, publisher of San Antonio’s INFLUENCE Magazine, and I are giving a workshop on writing and publishing a book over two sessions (October 10 and November 14, 2017). You should attend if: You have an idea for a book but need help getting started You’ve started a book but don’t know the next step … Read more