Moving During a Pandemic

I’ve been thinking about moving into a senior independent living apartment for a good while now. Every time a problem occurred with the house—such as having to replace the sewer lines under the house, not once but twice because the first contractor botched the job—I wished I didn’t have the responsibility of the upkeep of … Read more

Finding God in the Everyday as Lenten Devotional

My recently released devotional book, Finding God in the Everyday, includes ninety devotionals about finding God in everyday experiences. You can read an excerpt of the book here.  While the book can be used as daily devotional for three months or read straight through, it also makes an ideal devotional for Lent. Reading two devotionals … Read more

Finding God in the Everyday Booksigning

My new devotional book, Finding God in the Everyday, is available now, the perfect time for Christmas giving. The book includes ninety devotionals based on experiences in my own life. I wrote previously about how God called me to write this book. I’ve been blessed to have some wonderful endorsements from people who read an advance copy … Read more

Incentivized Reviews Vanish

On October 3, 2016, changed its policy, and incentivized reviews are no longer allowed. Previously, it was acceptable for sellers to provide free samples or discounted products, including books, in exchange for reviews as long as the reviewer included a disclaimer. Many of the 1200+ reviews I’ve posted on Amazon included this statement: I … Read more

My Gift to You

I wish you a blessed Christmas and offer you my gift of a little inspiration to carry with you. Download a PDF document that includes ten Scriptures on one side with corresponding prayers from the 1928 Book of Common Prayer on the back. Print on both sides of a sheet of business cards. Separate the cards, … Read more

Writer, Author’s Friend, and Bookmaker

  I provided the following summary of my services to someone recently and decided to share it here.  Most of this information is also available on my Services page with more details about how I work.  However, the “Create” section below is not spelled out elsewhere. My associate, Jan McClintock, and I will write your personal … Read more