It’s Funny NOW, But Then … Roundup

The group writing project “It’s Funny NOW, But Then …” has ended. Although there weren’t many entries, the quality made up for the lack of quantity.

Thanks to the bloggers who shared their “it’s funny NOW, but then …” moments. They brought us laughter, which was called “cheap medicine” by Lord Byron and “the music of the soul” in an old English prayer. Along with the laughs, we found some valuable lessons.

The entries are listed in the order in which they were received.

WordVixen at I Feel Like Chatting describes accidentally mooning her friend’s boyfriend. You have to read her story to find out how that could have been an accident.

Edith Brown tells about a finding a snake skin in her bedroom, and her description of her friend Franie’s reaction is priceless. Edith kept her entry focused on the theme of her blog with her motivational conclusion.

JerseyGirl89 at Dirty Little Secret also talks about exposing herself. She points out her growth – progressing from letting someone else embarrass her to embarrassing herself.

Laura at WritingThoughts writes about a family trip to the beach with a toddler. You’ll get a good laugh from what her not-yet-quite-three-old said.

Yvonne at Grow Your Writing Business tells a hilarious tale of rosary beads, a speeding nun, and fractured French. In retrospect, though, she learned a valuable lesson.

Heather at Desperately Seeking Sanity shares a teen-aged escapade involving a car, a tow truck, and an attempt to keep the mischief a secret from her parents. Her story probably reminds all of us of our teen years.

I’m so thrilled with the entries that I’m going to give each entrant a small thank-you – an e-book version of a novel that I wrote or edited. Let me know your preference, and I’ll e-mail you a zip file containing RTF, PDF, and HTML formats. I hope you enjoy the book as much as I enjoyed your entries and appreciate your participation.

Stroke of Luck – a contemporary romance by yours truly
The New Day Dawns: People of the Frozen Earth Book 1 – by Grace Anne Schaefer
As Shadows Fall: People of the Frozen Earth Book 2 – by Grace Anne Schaefer
Spring House: Book 1 in the Westward Sagas – by David Bowles

Well … duh … As I was writing this post, I kept thinking I was missing an entry. I thought there were seven, but my list showed only six. I checked and re-checked, and convinced I hadn’t forgotten anyone, I posted. Then an hour or so later, I remembered … my own entry – the memory that sparked the idea in the first place. Another good laugh at myself!

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