Spam Can Be Funny

Sven & Amanda-145When I posted some funny spam a while back, one of my commenters suggested I do it from time to time. I’m sure your spam is as entertaining as mine is, but not all bloggers make the effort to dig through the junk to find legitimate comments. Lately I have been inundated with spam from people, or rather from names—robots need names, too—and I have to read at least some of it to determine if it is a legitimate comment or spam. Some of them tickled my funny bone, so I thought I’d share—even though all these spelling, punctuation, and grammar errors pain me almost as much as the spam—so you can have a chuckle as well.

Do they think insulting me will get me to approve the comment?

Didn’t I read this EXACT SAME ARTICLE at another website yesterday? You know plagiarizing is a serious crime.

You really should change hosting companies. Your blog seems to be down about half the time I go there.

Go ***** yourself!!! I poured my heart out about my dog dying and you spam me. You are a lowlife that needs to crawl back into the hole you slitttered out from!!!!!!!

For what its worth, the layout is definitely amazing. You know how to balance writing and images/videos. However, I cant get over how little you actually bring to light here. I think that everyones said the same thing that youve said over and over again. Dont you think its time for something more?

Although I found this particular write-up quite fascinating, I couldn’t help but to ponder whether or not the figures you utilized are legitimate. That statement looks pretty unusual to me. Any thoughts whether it is genuinely genuine?

What does this have to do with creating fictional characters (the topic of the post commented on)?

terrible list, pal, I read loads of your stuff and this can be a first thing i’ve ever really really disagreed having. Many of the songs you missed are cross generational along with iconic. ones #10 and #7 shouldnt look on here period.

How are these comments relevant to a thank-you to commenters post?

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I don’t agree

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How can the post cover it while needing more content?

interesting post, pretty much covered it all for me although would of added more content.

How can you leave a comment on a post that isn’t there?

This postis not actually showing up for me, I tried to web mail you. Could you get back to me about this.

Doesn’t every blogger want to be addressed by the wrong name?

Awesome post sally, it’s been a long-time since I’ve been on here. I see that nobody has lost their passion. Good to be back.

Is asking and answering your own nonsensical question supposed to be relevant?

The source seems to be down, does anyone have a backup or mirror url I can use. Thanks, oh I got your link ok.

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Is there a program that spins comments to replace words with supposed synonyms?

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What in the world are they talking about?

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Turn your face to the sun and the dark areas fall in back of you.

Who knows what happens next… All I know is: If you can see this, you’re not blind, which is a very good start. 

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I am really looking forward to tomorrow’s article! I love to here your insides!

If you can’t decide which spam comment template to use, why not throw them all into one comment?

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Did you know spammers get spammed?

Great Blog! I have a similar site, and get a lot of spam. Do you face such problems? Can you please recommend some steps I take to combat spam. <spam link>

Do you agree this one takes the cake? And I have so many amazing posts, this almost-miracle happens a lot.

This post is so amazing, I almost spontaneously conceived a child just from reading it. Just incredible.

Share your own favorite funny spam in comments. I will check Akismet to retrieve the legitimate comments. 🙂

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