Post #2000

Back in 2006, I got tired of having to update my website every time I wanted to add a tiny piece of news. I’d heard about blogs and thought it would be a good idea to add a blog to my site to make it easier to add news. I decided to add writing tips … Read more

Happy 9th Blog Birthday!

Nine years ago today, I whispered, “Hello, World!” in my first blog post. Like most milestones, in some ways it seems that I’ve been blogging forever, and in other ways it seems that I just wrote those first words. At first, I had few readers and no comments. Then for years, I had many readers … Read more

Blogging Milestone: 1200 Posts

When I started blogging in June 2006, I didn’t envisionĀ  that in less than six years, I would write 1200 blog posts. My blog has evolved in ways I couldn’t imagine. I thought I would be writing about writing and editing and publishing, and I didn’t expect interactive communication. The blog has always been primarily … Read more


Another blogging milestone: 20,000 comments! Of course, since I reply to every comment, there are really only about 10,000 comments from readers. I say about because when I revamped and moved my blog about three years, threaded comments (including all my responses) were lost. So I don’t actually know many comments I have received, but … Read more