Can Traditional Publishing and Indie Publishing Co-Exist?

It wasn’t long ago that the only way an author could succeed was by going the route of traditional publishing (aka legacy publishing). For the past few years,  self-publishing (aka indie publishing) has provided another avenue for author success. Barry Eisler  suggests that the only thing legacy publishers offer that authors can’t do themselves or … Read more

Guest Post: Getting on the Shelf: Tips from a Bookstore Buyer by Mariana Ashley

The book trade has been changing so quickly, it’s hard for authors to know how best to go about establishing themselves and disseminating their works. Laser printing and print-on-demand technology helped ignite the self-publishing revolution, just in time for e-readers to come along and change the game all over. Meanwhile, with Amazon and other online … Read more

Review: A Self-Publisher’s Companion by Joel Friedlander

A Self-Publisher’s Companion by Joel Friedlander My rating: 5 of 5 stars I’ve been a fan of Joel Friedlander for a long time. As a long-time reader of his blog, The Book Designer, I had read most of the articles in this book, which is a compilation of blog posts organized and edited into a … Read more

Conversations about the Future of Publishing

In the last couple of weeks, Barry Eisler, Joe Konrath, and Dean Wesley Smith have been discussing epublishing and self-publishing after Barry turned down a half million dollar publishing contract to self-publish. All three are best-selling traditionally published authors making the leap to self-publishing. You can follow the conversations on the authors’ blogs: Ebooks and … Read more

Guest Post at Getting It Write for You

Lisa Vella at Getting It Write for You has been publishing a series on publishing options. Today I have contributed a guest post: Subsidy Publishing? Self-Publishing? It’s All Beginning to Blur. If you are a writer wanting to better understand your publishing options, visit Lisa’s blog and read the entire series. They are all linked from my post. In … Read more

Case Study of a Life Story: Part 4 – The Result and Recommendations

Now, long after Borge started recording his life story and a little more than seven months after his first phone call to me, Borge can hold his life story in his hand and share it with those he loves. Borge and Brigitte are traveling to Germany next April to celebrate their fiftieth anniversary with Brigitte’s family … Read more

Interview with Aggie Villanueva

My guest today is Aggie Villanueva, author of Rightfully Mine (God’s Equal Rights Amendment), which I reviewed in my last post. I didn’t know Aggie when she contacted me to offer her book for review. Since that initial contact, however, it seems that I see her everywhere, and I’ve learned that she is a talented … Read more

Author Interview: Stacie Vander Pol

My guest today is Stacie Vander Pol, the author of Top Self Publishing Firms: How Writers Get Published, Sell More Books, and Rise to the Top: and Make Money Working from Home with the Best Print On Demand Self-Publishing Companies. That’s almost a complete book in the title. 🙂     Lillie: Welcome, Stacie. It’s … Read more

Review: Top Self-Publishing Firms

Top Self-Publishing Firms: How Writers Get Published, Sell More Books, and Rise to the Top and Make Money Working from Home with the Best Print On Demand Self-Publishing Companies Stacie Vander Pol Copyright 2008 CreateSpace ISBN:1440407541 Paperback, 156 pages, $16.95 Nonfiction In my Self-Publishing Primer, I differentiate between subsidy publishing and self-publishing. So when Stacie … Read more