Sanctity of Life

What do the people in the photos in this collage have in common? They are all wonderfully made by our Lord, in His image. Even the one who is visible only in the shape of her mother’s body. Even the dirty one begging on the street. Even the ones who can’t walk, whether because of … Read more

International Day of the Bible

Today, the Sunday before Thanksgiving, is the International Day of the Bible. “Join the millions around the world on Sunday November 24th and use #BibleCelebration to share your favorite Bible verse! “ from the International Day of the Bible website People are encouraged to read or sing or post a favorite Bible verse. I will be posting … Read more

Authors’ Day

November 1 is Authors’ Day, a day to celebrate and enjoy the work of authors. Whether you are a fan of all-time greats or have a favorite among contemporary, lesser-known authors, enjoy reading their words today. If you know them or follow them on social media, thank them for the entertainment or education they have … Read more

National Book Month

October is National Book Month. The month-long celebration focuses on the importance of reading, writing and literature. National Book Month is also a time to honor the country’s best books and authors. National Today I’m surprised that I don’t recall ever hearing of National Book Month before, even though it’s been around since 2003. As … Read more