The Entrepreneurship of Writing: Guest Post from Avery Phillips

As with any other group of creative individuals who attempt to live off their art, writers experience many obstacles and challenges in writing for a living. Writing for money is often an entrepreneurial feat: those who attempt to sell their writing must know the business and know how to sell themselves along with their writing … Read more

10 Reasons Why Organized Home Space Can Boost Your Writing Creativity: Guest Post from Helen Bradford

Writing is more than just sitting at your computer and typing; that much is clear to all. But what many people don’t know and is hard for writers to explain is that it requires special conditions just like any other creative job. Even though creative mess is a term we all use when trying to … Read more

5 Ways To Keep Writing When You Feel Like Giving Up: Guest Post from Torri Myler

In the life of every writer, there will come those times when giving up and abandoning a project begins to feel like an attractive option. But, of course, if you are writing for someone else—as in the case of freelance writers or authors with contracts—quitting may not be an option. Even if you never intend … Read more

I Love to Write Day

Do you love to write? If so, be sure to write something today–I Love to Write Day. It’s a time to enjoy writing–a letter, the Great American Novel, a journal, a poem, or <fill-in-whatever-you’re-writing>. Whether you’re a professional writer or someone who writes for pleasure, enjoy doing something you love today–writing!

Read More to Become a Better Writer

Last week I posted Copyblogger’s advice on how to become a better writer. That advice all involved actually writing—no matter what else you do, you will never become a good writer if you don’t write. There is something else that will improve your writing, and that is reading. Often aspiring writers think that means they … Read more