Three Social Media Tips for Aspiring Authors: Guest Post from Avery Phillips

It’s not easy being a writer – from writer’s block to wondering where your next paycheck is coming from, the difficulties of being a writer are aplenty. One area in particular that lot of aspiring authors struggle with is the promotional side to being a writer. Today, with the overwhelming amount of information out there, … Read more

Business Tips for New & Aspiring Freelance Writers: Guest Post from Avery Phillips

So you want to be a writer? The easiest way to get started in the writing and blogging industry is often to go into business for yourself. But how? Starting a business requires all sorts of forms and paperwork and confusing jargon. Fear not—here are some tips and tools to help you realize your entrepreneurial … Read more

5 Ways to Improve Brand Recognition: Guest Post from Avery Phillips

Gaining brand recognition is vital to small businesses, self-employed workers, and freelancers to secure consistent cash flow and loyal clients. The truth is, the world of brand marketing is vast and potentially expensive if it is not navigated properly. Selecting the most appropriate marketing channels requires knowledge far beyond the basics of your target audience. … Read more

5 Military Tips to Be a More Efficient Freelancer: Guest Post from Michael Denton

You’ve done it! You’re finally a freelancer, in charge of your own projects and time! No boss to tell you what to do, no nasty colleagues, and more importantly, no more waking up at 6 a.m. each morning! It sounds like an ideal career move, right? Well, once the initial excitement passes, you’ll learn that … Read more

Tips for New Freelancers

If you’re a new freelancer, welcome to the wonderful world of independent business. I’ve been freelancing for more than twenty years, and I can’t imagine working for anyone else. But if you’re just starting out, you may be feeling a little lost. So what does it take to make a success of your new venture? Here … Read more

Guide to the Freelancing Galaxy

I enjoyed this Freelancer’s Guide to the Galaxy, courtesy of FreshBooks online invoicing. It covers a lot of territory and points out some of the banes and blessings of freelancing. I sold my interior landscaping company in July 1996 and have been freelancing ever since. It took several years to build my business, but I … Read more

Web Sites Should Be User-Friendly

Web Design

Recently, I wrote a blog post about websites that are difficult to read. Today, my associate Jan McClintock, shares helpful advice on making your site user-friendly. Jan works with me on large editing projects, book layout, and ebook creation. She also creates and maintains websites for my clients. We’ve all seen those crazy busy web … Read more