What I Edit

  • Book Manuscripts (fiction and nonfiction)
  • Articles and Reports
  • Business Documents (manuals, correspondence, white papers, and more)
  • Other Documents

How I Quote a Price

  • I will do a free sample edit (roughly five pages of a book-length manuscript) for two reasons:
    • To make certain I understand the kind and amount of editing you want, as well as to determine if I am knowledgeable about the genre of your writing.
    • To ensure that you are satisfied with the edits.
  • In addition to the pages to edit, you also need to submit two other documents:
    • A brief questionnaire giving additional information about the manuscript.
    • A synopsis (for fiction) or chapter outline/summary (for nonfiction).
  • The sample should be comparable to the bulk of the project; if you have polished the first chapter over and over again but done only a first draft on later chapters, I need to see a sample from a later chapter.
  • I will send you a Word document using Word’s Track Changes so you can see every change I made. You can change the view in Track Changes to “final” to see the revised manuscript without the markups showing.
  • Based on the time required for the sample edit, the length of the complete manuscript, your answers the questions, and the synopsis (or chapter outline), I can give you a quote for the cost and time to complete the project.

How I Edit

  • Every edit includes at least three reads of the manuscript and the following kinds of edits (the first two may be done simultaneously):
    • Copy/line/mechanical edit (correct grammar, punctuation, mechanics; verify facts and ensure consistency; clarify meaning and improve readability).
    • Content/structural/substantive edit (revise/move text for better flow; recommend the addition or deletion of material; re-organize and re-structure content for flow and clarity).
    • Proofreading (final review of entire manuscript after all changes have been made, including those made by other readers, if applicable).
  • Unless we have discussed using another style guide, I edit according to the Chicago Manual of Style.
  • I will create a draft of each a chapter, section, or other reasonable breakdown of the manuscript to send to you for approval. As with the sample edit, you can see the markups or a clean copy by changing the view in Track Changes.
  • You can respond to the draft by marking changes on the document itself (preferably using Word’s Track Changes), sending me notes in an e-mail, or discussing by phone.
  • I will revise the draft and return to you; we repeat this as many times as needed to get the project to your satisfaction.
  • If you have other readers (such as subject matter experts) who will be giving input, you should submit any changes you accept from their recommendations before the editing is finalized.
  • After you are satisfied, I send you a file with the final copy.

What Publishing Services I Offer

  • Consultation
    • Evaluate the different forms of publishing to determine if self-publishing is the best for you.
    • Review the steps and services required to write and publish a book.
    • Compare using a subsidy publishing company to doing everything yourself.
    • If you choose to use a company, compare the services and costs of various companies.
    • If you choose to do it yourself, recommend vendors for various services.
    • Advise on promotion, especially website and Internet marketing.
    • Serve as a resource throughout the process to answer questions and assist in resolving problems.
  • Publishing
    • Perform a complete content edit of the manuscript (see Editing above).
    • Assist with obtaining ISBNs and registering copyright.
    • Format the manuscript for publication.
    • Negotiate and contract with a cover artist and book designer on your behalf or perform these services for you.
    • Write back cover blurb.
    • Proof the cover and completed layout.
    • Negotiate and contract with a printer on your behalf or set up account with a POD printer.
    • Coordinate the creation of e-book formats and upload to sales sites.
    • Advise on promotion, including website and social media, and distribution.
    • Serve as a liaison among all parties involved in the publication, distribution, and promotion of the book to ensure production of a quality product within an established timeframe.

How I Work

  • I will provide you with a detailed project task list and timeline, indicating who has to perform the task and when it is due.
  • Edit the manuscript as described above.
  • Format the manuscript for print and/or ebook.
  • Assist you with finding professionals for all tasks required, helping you do it yourself, or providing the service for you.

What I Write

  • Resumes
  • Blog posts
  • Articles
  • Correspondence
  • Proposals
  • Training manuals
  • Policy handbooks
  • News releases
  • Other business documents
  • Books (ghost writer)

How I Work

  • You can e-mail me with your needs and information to be included or tell me where to find the information I need.
  • If you prefer, we can visit by phone to discuss your needs and make sure I understand what you are looking for.
  • After I have a good understanding of the desired end product and the amount of research and writing involved, I will give you a quote for the total cost.
  • I will prepare a draft for your review, make changes based on your feedback, and return for your review until you are satisfied.

Ask for a Quote

  • Use the contact form below or email me at moc.nnammaeillil@eillil to request a quote.
  • Describe the project:
    • Topic/subject matter, type of writing (blog, employee manual, correspondence, etc.), and length (250 words, 50 pages of 12 pt font, 10000 words, etc.).
    •  Include the timeframe and whether the stated deadline is required or desired.
    • Explain whether you will provide the information or sources or if I must do research to gather the information needed.
  • I will respond with a quote—if you have other ideas, you will be asked to clarify what you need to ensure that I understand what you want and that I can provide what you want.

How You and I Complete the Project

  • I will write a short document or a chapter (or some other logical breakdown) of a long document at a time and send to you for approval.
  • You will review the chapter, mark any changes you want made, and return it to me. If you feel I am getting off-track, we will talk about it so I can make appropriate changes. If there are significant changes, I will send the chapter to you again for review.
  • I will send you the final copy for review and approval.
  • After you have given your approval, I will edit the entire manuscript.
  • After the edit, I will return the document to you for final approval.


  • The standard hourly rate for all services is $100/hour, with a two-hour minimum.
  • Major projects, such as book editing, will be billed at a project fee, determined in advance by the scope of work and a small sample. Large projects require a deposit of one-half of the total price upon acceptance of the proposal; the final half of the total is due upon completion.
  • A rush charge is added when the client does not allow enough lead time for the job. Client will be notified in advance if the rush charge applies.
  • A cancellation fee may apply if a contracted project is cancelled or delayed after we have set aside the time.
  • Payment may be made by check or PayPal.
  • I am completely responsible for all work done on my behalf; however, I may not do all the work. I may subcontract part of the project (such as one round of edits) to an associate or coordinate with other vendors to provide specific services. I will review the final product, and I am responsible for the work subcontractors perform on my behalf.
  • We maintain strict confidentiality of all your information.
  • If we provide original content for hire, the copyright to your documents and website is transferred to you as soon as the final payment is made.