Book Review: Ur1+My1=Our1

About a year ago, I edited this book for the authors. Usually I am involved througout the publishing process, but the authors preferred to handle everything else themselves, although they did use the cover designer and formatter I recommended. Since I wasn’t involved in the rest of the process, it slipped through the cracks when … Read more

A Pause to Refresh

Several years ago, I met Ben Ferguson through a priest who had become an Army chaplain after serving as my parish priest for several years. Ben was one of the founders of an organization, Adopt-A-Chaplain, “supporting our troops through the chaplains who serve them.” I worked with him to re-edit and re-publish a Christian living … Read more

New Reviews for Finding God in the Everyday

My devotional book, Finding God in the Everyday, was released more than a year ago, so I was pleasantly surprised to receive two new five-star reviews on Goodreads. In “Finding God in the Everyday,” author Lillie Ammann proves herself to possess that rare combination in Christian writers—profound spiritual wisdom and unvarnished, deft common sense. At first glance, “Finding God” … Read more

Reviewing Again

Update 6/24/18: Everything has been restored for the second time! I’m glad to have my reviews and reviewing privileges back and hope they don’t get lost again. Update 6/15/18: All my reviews have been deleted again, and I cannot leave reviews on Amazon. The post below was written after the first time this happened and … Read more