Group Writing Project: It’s Funny NOW, But Then …

It’s been a week since I announced the group writing project: It’s Funny NOW, But Then …

The response hasn’t exactly been overwhelming. I sure don’t want to have to write about the time I gave a blog party and nobody came. 🙂

Surely all of you have had experiences that were embarrassing, even seemingly tragic, at the time but are now funny. Perhaps your first teenage kiss when you got your braces locked together. Or a comedy of errors that seemed like it would never end. Or that embarrassing – and very public – mistake you made at work. You were sure you’d never try another kiss or you feared you would lose your job. But thousands of kisses or a promotion on the job later, you can remember those moments with laughter.

You have until midnight on Tuesday, September 4th to share your experience that’s funny NOW. We all need a good laugh.

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