I’m An Adult Now

Way back in the history of the internet, 2006 to be exact, I started this blog. In those early days of blogging, the internet wasn’t inundated with millions of blogs. Most blogs belonged to small business owners or freelancers aka solopreneurs. We followed each other’s blogs and got to know one another virtually. We joined in group writing projects and commented on each other’s posts.

You can still find my first blog post on this blog. However, if you want to see what my blog looked like back then, you can visit the Wayback Machine that takes periodic snapshots of websites so you can see them as they were at earlier points in time. The Wayback Machine shows the homepage that links to my blog starting an entry after the initial post.

Back then, WordPress was simply a blogging platform. We created websites in Dreamweaver or other program, then set WordPress up on its own, and linked the two. In the intervening years, WordPress has become a robust website builder. We no longer need a website and a blog. WordPress does it all.

Social media has replaced blogging for the original trailblazers. Even though I’m still blogging, it is much less often, and I link posts to social media. Blogging for the most part has been taken over by large companies and well-known individuals.

Even so, I’m proud that my blog has turned 18 and is now an adult.

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