What I Learned from Laughter

Bill and William playing around tonightWhat do a paralyzed woman, a hospital stretcher without rails, two nurses’ aides more worried about their jobs than their patient, and a trip across a pot-holed parking lot have in common? They’re the elements of my entry in this month’s groupwrite project at Middle Zone Musings on the topic of What I Learned from Laughter. Robert Hruzek is accepting new posts or links to old posts as long as the post is something funny.

I don’t usually write funny, but a couple of years ago I hosted a group writing project: It’s Funny Now, But Then …

My entry is MZMs WILF this month is my entry in that group writing project from the past.

It’s Funny NOW, But Then … It Was Frightening: MRI Horror Story describes an incident that happened when I was in the hospital immediately following a stroke. Today, I look back on the incident and laugh. At the time it occurred, though, it wasn’t so funny.

Creative Commons License photo credit: dionhinchcliffe

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