A Post that Matters to Me

Joanna Young at Confident Writing has challenged us with a group writing project: Essential Lines from 2009. 1. Select your essential post Sift through what you published in 2009 to select the post you’d call ‘essential’. You can define that in different ways, for example: A post that matters: that mattered to you then, that … Read more

Mission Impossible: Book Trailer for Dream or Destiny

Make video montages at www.OneTrueMedia.com This post is an entry in Confident Writing’s Mission Impossible group writing project. Joanna Young challenged us to post something on our blogs that we’ve never done before. I’ve wanted to create a book trailer for Dream or Destiny since the book was published last fall, but I’ve been hesitant … Read more

Blogging Friends

Nearly three years ago, I decided to take the advice I’d been giving to my clients and start a blog. At the time, I expected the blog to be an opportunity to share what I’ve learned about writing and editing. One of the things I love most about editing and helping authors self-publish their books … Read more

Simply the Best

Joanna Young at Confident Writing has given us a real challenge: pick simply the best post for all of 2008. First I narrowed down my favorite posts to one per month for Middle Zone Musings’ Blogapaloo0za. That was hard enough to do—one month I had to choose one from among three top favorites. Then I … Read more

The Results of My Writing Experiment

Joanna Young’s theme this month at Confident Writing is Experimenting, and she is sponsoring a group writing project: The Results of My Writing Experiment. My first reaction was that I had nothing to contribute to this project because I wasn’t doing any experimenting in my writing. Then I realized that I have recently started doing … Read more

Seven Things I’m Thankful For

Luke Gedeon is sponsoring a group writing project for Thanksgiving: Seven Things I’m Thankful For. Luke will link to all the posts, and his post will be excellent reading for Thanksgiving Day (or the day after Thanksgiving or any time). In his sermon last Sunday, our priest said, “I’m so tired of people calling it Turkey … Read more