Business Tips for New & Aspiring Freelance Writers: Guest Post from Avery Phillips

So you want to be a writer? The easiest way to get started in the writing and blogging industry is often to go into business for yourself. But how? Starting a business requires all sorts of forms and paperwork and confusing jargon. Fear not—here are some tips and tools to help you realize your entrepreneurial … Read more

Five Tips to Increase Freelance Productivity—Guest Post from Carol Williams

Even if working freelance is a strong trend, many freelancers are still in the dark as to how to make the most from their creative freedom. If you’re a freelance writer in need of productivity boost, this post is for you. Here are 5 actionable tips to help you increase—maybe double—your productivity in freelance writing. … Read more

Guide to the Freelancing Galaxy

I enjoyed this Freelancer’s Guide to the Galaxy, courtesy of FreshBooks online invoicing. It covers a lot of territory and points out some of the banes and blessings of freelancing. I sold my interior landscaping company in July 1996 and have been freelancing ever since. It took several years to build my business, but I … Read more

How to Handle Your Finances While Freelancing — Guest Post by Jane Sanders

Working as a freelancer can be a rewarding and exciting way to supplement your income or even become its sole source. You’ll have complete control over your work and scheduling, which are major incentives for most freelancers. Still, many are concerned with the potential lack of income stability while freelancing. To handle this, you will … Read more

International Freelancers Day Conference Replays

Several readers left comments on my post about International Freelancers Day expressing regret that you missed the conference. Now you can replay the video of every session, and the only cost is registering your e-mail address. If you have already registered, you received an e-mail with a direct link to all the videos. If not, simply … Read more

Today is International Freelancers Day

In a recent post, I told you about International Freelancers Day. Today is the first day of a two-day free online conference for solo professionals. Some of the best freelancers around will be sharing their expertise throughout both days. You’re bound to find several sessions that can help advance your freelancing career. Added 2/5/11: Even … Read more

International Freelancers Day – September 24, 2010

International Freelancers Day is actually two-day online conference. The event features 25 speakers in 24 sessions (45 minutes each) on Friday, September 24 and Saturday, September 25, 2010. You must register to attend the event, but registration is free, and you will have access to replays of the presentations if you can’t attend all the … Read more

Building Long-Term Client Relationships – Part 6: Nine Tips for Success

In previous posts, I’ve described how I build long-term client relationships. My goal was to provide examples that might be helpful to other freelancers. This final installment in the series will summarize the key points from the previous posts in nine tips: Focus your business on providing services that you enjoy, that you are good at, and … Read more

Building Long-Term Client Relationships – Part 5: Example – The Relationship Continues

I’m sharing the story of how I developed a long-term relationship with a hypothetical client, Susan, who is really a composite of several clients. As in the previous post, I’ll share my client experience and intersperse comments about how a long-term client relationship developed. Now that Susan’s book was edited, we discussed the next steps. … Read more