Email Marketing Gone Awry

I am very poor at book marketing, as evidenced by the sales numbers for my books. I’m not bad at giving away books—my free romance novelette Trapped by Love has been downloaded more than 28,000 times—but books that people have to actually pay money for aren’t as popular. I hope, though, that I haven’t made … Read more

Guest Post: 9 Ways to Promote Your Book Using Social Media by Beth Morrow

Recently, Beth Morrow at Writer-in-Progress interviewed me for her feature Story Behind the Story She agreed to reciprocate with a guest post here, and I jumped at the chance. Let’s welcome Beth and get ready to learn about promoting books through social media. =========================================================== In the big scheme of things, I’ve noticed two types of social media … Read more

Authors on the Net: A Resource for Writers

Reaching the end of the manuscript isn’t the end of the writing, and getting the book published isn’t the end of the writer’s job, either. Although it comes as a shock to many writers, marketing is the author’s job as well. Even very successful authors promote their books with booksignings and other promotional activities. Major … Read more