5 Common Challenges Freelance Writers Face and How to Overcome Them

Guest Post from Brenda Richardson Many new freelance writers attempt to make a career out of their writing only to run into multiple hurdles along the way. Frankly, no profession will be free from obstacles and challenges; you just need to be persistent and deal with whatever comes your way. Today, we will be taking … Read more

Business Tips for New & Aspiring Freelance Writers: Guest Post from Avery Phillips

So you want to be a writer? The easiest way to get started in the writing and blogging industry is often to go into business for yourself. But how? Starting a business requires all sorts of forms and paperwork and confusing jargon. Fear not—here are some tips and tools to help you realize your entrepreneurial … Read more

Guest Post from Nazir Adams: Three Ways to Establish Yourself Online as a Freelance Writer

With so many writing opportunities all over the world, freelancers are ideal candidates to take on short and long projects for companies who need a little help. But, sometimes it’s hard to establish yourself and get noticed when you’re just starting out. In this article we are going to look at three ways you can … Read more

Productivity Tips for Freelance Writers–guest post from Kelly Smith

The single most challenging aspect of any freelance work performed from home is maintaining a high level of productivity. This is something particularly relevant to freelance writing—without anyone checking your work on a regular basis, you might find yourself drifting off, procrastinating, or losing lots of time surfing the web. Here are five of the … Read more

Freelance Writers: Tips for Becoming More Productive While Working from Home – Guest Post by Brian Jenkins

Motivation leads to an increase in productivity. An increase in productivity leads to a more fulfilling day and a higher income. If you work at home as a freelance writer, chances are you know how easy it is to get distracted during the work day. So what can you do? No, you don’t need to … Read more

Words Matter Week

A comment posted on my recent post on Freelance Writers Appreciation Week alerted me to another week for freelancers. Janice Campbell, Director of National Association of Independent Writers and Editors (NAIWE), let me know that March 2-6 is Words Matter Week. NAIWE, which describes itself as “The professional association with the business-building difference,” is an … Read more

Guest Post: Your Competition Stinks – Isn’t it Great!

When I wrote a guest post at Poewar: Writer’s Resource Center, John Hewitt promised to reciprocate. John’s site is a great place for writers of all kinds—I’ve been a subscriber and a fan for a long time, and I’m delighted to host John’s guest post. I hope you like the post as much as I … Read more