5 Military Tips to Be a More Efficient Freelancer: Guest Post from Michael Denton

You’ve done it! You’re finally a freelancer, in charge of your own projects and time! No boss to tell you what to do, no nasty colleagues, and more importantly, no more waking up at 6 a.m. each morning! It sounds like an ideal career move, right? Well, once the initial excitement passes, you’ll learn that … Read more

Memorial Day 2011

Today many American families are enjoying a trip to a river, lake, or water park. Friends are gathering in backyards to grill steaks, relax, and gossip. Shoppers are taking advantage of the holiday sales then resting from their exertions in a movie. But water parks, backyard barbecues, and malls hold no appeal for thousands of American families. Instead, … Read more

Thanking Our Veterans 2010

Thank you to all our veterans. May God bless you. ALMIGHTY God, our heavenly Father, in whose hands are the living and the dead; We give thee thanks for all those thy servants who have sacrificed their time, safety, comfort, dedication, and personal ambitions—and even their lives—in the service of our country. Grant to them … Read more

Prayers for Fort Hood

For Those Who Died: REMEMBER thy servants—the victims who were murdered today at Fort Hood, O Lord, according to the favour which thou bearest unto thy people, and grant that, increasing in knowledge and love of thee, they may go from strength to strength, in the life of perfect service, in thy heavenly kingdom; through … Read more