Friend Request—Accept or Not?

Every day, I get friend or connection requests on Facebook and LinkedIn. Today, I have 1,146 friends on Facebook and 2,651 connections on LinkedIn. Obviously, I can’t interact with even a small percentage, and when I add new friends/connections, I wonder if I’m just adding another name of someone I won’t ever communicate with. In … Read more

Three Social Media Tips for Aspiring Authors: Guest Post from Avery Phillips

It’s not easy being a writer – from writer’s block to wondering where your next paycheck is coming from, the difficulties of being a writer are aplenty. One area in particular that lot of aspiring authors struggle with is the promotional side to being a writer. Today, with the overwhelming amount of information out there, … Read more

Guest Post: 9 Ways to Promote Your Book Using Social Media by Beth Morrow

Recently, Beth Morrow at Writer-in-Progress interviewed me for her feature Story Behind the Story She agreed to reciprocate with a guest post here, and I jumped at the chance. Let’s welcome Beth and get ready to learn about promoting books through social media. =========================================================== In the big scheme of things, I’ve noticed two types of social media … Read more