Read an Ebook Week

Read an Ebook Week is designed to encourage readers to explore the world of ebooks. Today, most readers are familiar with ebooks, but not everyone has tried ebooks for themselves. Whether you have yet to experience ebooks, are ambivalent about them, or–like me–are an aficionado, you can find some great books and some great bargains … Read more

Judging Ebooks

One of the things I do to give back to the epublishing community is to judge contests.  I have judged EPIC’s eBook Competition for many years. This prestigious competition has run since 2000 and has grown dramatically over the years. It is sponsored by EPIC, the Electronic  Publishing Industry Coalition. EPIC has been educating about … Read more

The Next Commenter …

Update #2: A loyal reader pointed out that perhaps I shouldn’t be writing posts at 3 AM…or maybe I just can’t count. I was still 800 comments away from 25,000. However, since several hundred comments were lost when I moved my blog, I think it’s still a legitimate claim even though the official count is … Read more

Next week is Read an E-Book Week

Read an E-Book Week (REBW) is an annual event to encourage readers who haven’t read e-books before to give them a try. It’s also a great time for regular ebook readers to stock up on free or deeply discounted books. The Deals and Steals page links to retailers, publishers, and authors offering freebie or discounts … Read more

Did You Get an E-Reader for Christmas?

My pre-teenage nephew got a Kindle Fire for Christmas. I told him about the many years that ebook authors told people about ebooks and ebook readers (pre-Kindle types). Of course, he couldn’t relate to people not knowing—or caring—about ebooks and ebook readers. Back when the Kindle was first introduced, I predicted that it would have … Read more