5 Ways Reading Local Interest Books Changes Your Life—Guest Post from Harry Parsons

If you’re someone who considers yourself to be a dyed-in-the-wool bookworm, then certain things are probably true of you. You most likely take great pride in being well read. You probably have multiple walls graced with well-stocked bookshelves at home, not to mention an enviable collection of ebooks stashed away on your Kindle. Books and … Read more

Reading Free Books

I read more than 250 books per year, but I spend very little money on books. First, let me make clear that I believe authors should be paid fairly for their work. I would never download books from a pirate site or otherwise avoid paying full price for a book. However, I gladly take advantage … Read more

Read More to Become a Better Writer

Last week I posted Copyblogger’s advice on how to become a better writer. That advice all involved actually writing—no matter what else you do, you will never become a good writer if you don’t write. There is something else that will improve your writing, and that is reading. Often aspiring writers think that means they … Read more