Comparing Ebooks and Print Books

I think you will find this infographic comparing ebooks and print books very interesting. You probably know that I’m an avid fan of ebooks and seldom read print. When I’m asked to review a book, I always ask for an ebook to read. In Bible study at church, I use the print workbook with the rest of the class, but I have to keep my magnifying glass handy to be able to read the print. Although the research shows that most people read faster in print, I read much slower in print, primarily because of my vision problems.

One statistic that surprised me was the number of books read in the past year: 15 books on average read by people without e-readers and 24 books (a combination of print and ebooks) on average read by people with e-readers. I’m not surprised that those who read on e-readers read more books; I am surprised at the small number of books read. Twenty-four books is closer to what I read in a month than in a year. 🙂


This Infographic is produced by Coupon Audit and Lillie Ammann.

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