Judging Ebooks

One of the things I do to give back to the epublishing community is to judge contests.  I have judged EPIC’s eBook Competition for many years. This prestigious competition has run since 2000 and has grown dramatically over the years. It is sponsored by EPIC, the Electronic  Publishing Industry Coalition. EPIC has been educating about … Read more

Congratulations to the Winners of the Global eBook Awards!

I am so excited! Both of my clients who made the finals in the Global eBook Awards won their categories. Nancy Nicholson—who happens to be my “baby” sister, so I’m doubly proud!—for Help! What Do I Do Now? Caring for Your Loved One with Alzheimer’s in the Parenting/Family — Non-Fiction category       Aggie … Read more

Global eBook Awards Finalists Announced

The finalists in the Global eBook Awards have been announced. Books by several of my clients were nominated for awards, as was my novel Dream or Destiny. I’m pleased and excited to congratulate two of my clients who made the finals: Aggie Villanueva for The Rewritten Word: How to Sculpt Literary Art no Matter the … Read more

Global eBook Awards

My novel, Dream or Destiny, is a nominee for a Global eBook Award in the Mystery/Suspense/Thriller Mystery category (updated 7/1/11: the large category has been broken into two smaller ones) and the Best eBook Cover category. This is the first year of the awards, sponsored by publishing guru Dan Poynter, so books published in previous … Read more