Self-Publishing Can Pay Off … Big-Time

Straight from Hel shared a self-publishing story that should encourage us all, even though most self-published authors don’t have this kind of success. Brunonia Barry self-published her novel then landed a huge publishing contract. Her agent turned down the first seven-figure offer from a major company and held a three-day auction. The result: a contract … Read more

Self-Publishing Podcast Part 2 from Authors on the Net

Phil Davis of Authors on the Net is interviewing me about the Self-Publishing Primer in a series of podcasts. Self-Publishing Part 2 is available now. If you haven’t listened to the first podcast, I recommend you listen to it before listening to Part 2. Come back next week when we will continue the discussion. Take … Read more

Self-Publishing Podcast from Authors on the Net

Phil Davis of Authors on the Net recently interviewed me about self-publishing. This podcast covers the first five chapters of the Self-Publishing Primer about the different publishing options authors have. Come back next week when we will continue the discussion. If you’re an author and haven’t joined Authors on the Net, check it out. You’ll find … Read more

Self-Publishing Primer

The Self-Publishing Primer started as a series of fourteen posts early this year. To make the primer more convenient and accessible, I have compiled the posts into an e-book (PDF). You can download the file here. If you download the primer, please let me know if you find any errors. As I’ve said many times, … Read more

Answers to a Writer’s Questions, Part 3: Marketing a Children’s E-Book

In the last post, we talked about self-publishing a children’s book on CD. This is the final installment in the answers to questions posted by a writer. Patti McQuillen wrote in answer to my follow-up questions: I don’t have a clue about making my children’s book available online as a download. I am working on … Read more

Self-Publishing Story

In Self-Publishing Primer: Part 11 – How much does self-publishing cost?, I estimated an author could self-publish a book for $4800 to $8000+. To see how much + can be … read Tracking the Nazi looters about a self-published book that the February 28th issue Publishers’ Lunch Deluxe reports cost more than $2 million dollars to publish! … Read more

Self-Publishing Primer: Part 14 – How can I market and distribute my books?

You will find links to the other posts in the series at Self-Publishing Primer. To cover marketing and promoting would require volumes. We’ve talked in previous posts about building a platform, creating a Web site, and lining up speaking events and other promotional events. In this final installment of the series, I’ll highlight a few … Read more