Congratulations to the Winners of the Global eBook Awards!

I am so excited! Both of my clients who made the finals in the Global eBook Awards won their categories. Nancy Nicholson—who happens to be my “baby” sister, so I’m doubly proud!—for Help! What Do I Do Now? Caring for Your Loved One with Alzheimer’s in the Parenting/Family — Non-Fiction category       Aggie … Read more

Global eBook Awards Finalists Announced

The finalists in the Global eBook Awards have been announced. Books by several of my clients were nominated for awards, as was my novel Dream or Destiny. I’m pleased and excited to congratulate two of my clients who made the finals: Aggie Villanueva for The Rewritten Word: How to Sculpt Literary Art no Matter the … Read more

Interview: Aggie Villanueva on The Rewritten Word

Just about a year ago, I reviewed Rightfully Mine and interviewed the author, Aggie Villanueva. Since I first discovered what a talented and active author, blogger, photographer, and much more she is, Aggie has gone on to many new accomplishments. Her latest book, The Rewritten Word: How to Sculpt Literary Art, No Matter the Genre, … Read more

Editing the Rewritten Word

A few months ago, I had a new experience in editing. I edited The Rewritten Word: How to Sculpt Literary Art, No Matter the Genre by Aggie Villanueva. Last year about this time, I reviewed Aggie’s novel Rightfully Mine and also conducted an interview with her. We got to know each other better throughout the … Read more

Winners of the Hushed Recall Writing Contest

I had the pleasure of judging another writing contest at Visual Arts Junction. The theme was Hushed Recall, based on the photographic artwork by Aggie Villanueva. You can read the entries in the Professional and Amateur categories on the winners page. You will see why I found it difficult to point out anything that needed … Read more

Visual Arts Junction Writing Contest: Hushed Recall

A beautiful, intriguing picture can be a wonderful writing prompt to get your creative juices flowing. Aggie Villanueva at Visual Arts Junction has announced a new writing contest that invites you to look at Hushed Recall, the photo art above, and write a 500 word story or essay inspired by it. Aggie describes the contest this way: … Read more

Guest Post at Visual Arts Junction

In my recent interview with Aggie Villanueva, Aggie shared a little about her experiences in self-publishing. Now she’s writing a series on self-publishing at Visual Arts Junction. I’m honored that Aggie asked me to write a guest post on finding the right editor. Even though the article is geared for self-publishing authors, writers who are seeking … Read more

Interview with Aggie Villanueva

My guest today is Aggie Villanueva, author of Rightfully Mine (God’s Equal Rights Amendment), which I reviewed in my last post. I didn’t know Aggie when she contacted me to offer her book for review. Since that initial contact, however, it seems that I see her everywhere, and I’ve learned that she is a talented … Read more

Review of Rightfully Mine: God’s Equal Rights Amendment

Rightfully Mine: God’s Equal Rights Amendment Aggie Villanueva July 27, 2009 Paperback, 176 pages, $12.97 Smashwords November 16, 2009 Available in 10 electronic formats, $6.97 Biblical Fiction     People sometimes think Judaism and Christianity are anti-women rights. Aggie Villanueva has written a compelling novel that shows this is not the case. I enjoyed this … Read more