National Author’s Day

books-laptop_koya979November 1 is National Author’s Day. Don’t ask me why it’s author’s rather than authors’. While we honor all authors on this day, maybe it’s author’s to remind us to show our appreciation to one author at a time.

You can let your favorite author know how much you appreciate her or him by sending them a message via social media, email, or snail mail.

You can also post a public message on social media with the hashtag #NationalAuthorsDay. If you mention a favorite author, be sure to tag that person so they are encouraged by your words.

Of course, buying books is a wonderful way to show your appreciation. You can find my books and those of my clients on my books page. You can find lots of other good books from my reviews on Goodreads. You can sort the list by any of the headings, so you might sort by rating, starting with 5 stars. You may not want to read all 1400+ reviews.

And speaking of reviews—there’s no better way to thank an author than to write a review of the author’s book (or books). You can post your review at the retailer where you bought the book (Amazon, B&N, or any of dozens of other sites) as well as Goodreads and other social media related to books and authors.

Writing, especially something as long and complicated as a book, requires a tremendous amount of time and effort, often in isolation. Authors, like everyone else, enjoy being appreciated and recognized. So do your part on #NationalAuthorsDay. 

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