My Ideal Writing Weekend

Emma Bird and Joanna Young at Absorbing Writing: Writing Workshops In Italy are soliciting input in planning their next writing workshop. Tell us about the ingredients of your ideal writing weekend. That might be a weekend you’ve already enjoyed, one that you’ve got planned, or one that you’re hoping to take part in, some day. … Read more

National Grammar Day

I’m out in the country – far from civilization – but I left this post to let you know today is National Grammar Day. The Society for the Promotion of Good Grammar says: Speak well! Write well! And on March 4, march forth and spread the word. If you see a sign with a catastrophic … Read more

Answers to a Writer’s Questions, Part 1: Getting Feedback on Your Writing

In this series, I am going to answer specific questions posed by a reader in a comment to The Value of Writers Groups. Although the questions are specific to one writer, many other writers probably have similar questions. Patti McQuillen wrote: I am the webmaster of Gaslight Writers, a writing group for adults in the … Read more

Writing versus Editing

Theda at Crayon Writer started an interesting conversation with If you can write, you can copyedit. She defined mechanical and substantive copyediting and asked the question: What do you prefer? Writing for yourself, mechanical copyediting, or substantive copyediting? I answered the question in comments but thought it would be interesting to my readers to carry … Read more

Rejection: Your baby is ugly!

Maybe you’re an employee or a freelance writer assigned to write a company policy manual. Your employer says, “This is so confusing I don’t understand my own policies!” Or you’re a multi-published author with a new book out. A major reviewer writes, “Don’t waste your money or your time on this disappointing effort.” Or you’re … Read more

Write What You Know or Know What You Write?

Professional —  and aspiring — writers often hear the advice, “Write what you know.” After all, an avid mystery reader is more likely to write a believable mystery novel than someone who reads only science-fiction, the resident of a small town in a Southern state will probably describe the lifestyle of Small Town, Southern US … Read more