10 Reasons Why Organized Home Space Can Boost Your Writing Creativity: Guest Post from Helen Bradford

Writing is more than just sitting at your computer and typing; that much is clear to all. But what many people don’t know and is hard for writers to explain is that it requires special conditions just like any other creative job. Even though creative mess is a term we all use when trying to … Read more

Time Management 2: Organizing

In the last post, we talked about what I believe is the most important element in time management: prioritizing. Now, let’s talk about getting organized. As I have said, I’m only sharing what I do, not giving expert advice. So I won’t cover the various time management tools that are available. You can keep a … Read more

Focus and Organization

I recently mentioned the variety of editing and writing work I do … and I love it. However, sometimes the number and variety of projects I’m juggling require organization and focus. In the first two days of this week, I’ve edited a board report for a community leader, finished up a church newsletter, created a magazine … Read more