National Authors Day

November 1 is National Authors Day, a day to honor American authors. If, like me, you love to read, let you favorite authors know how much pleasure they have brought you. Thank them privately in a note or publicly on social media. Show your appreciation by buying their latest books. You can find some great … Read more

National Authors Day

Today is National Authors Day, a day to show appreciation to authors.  Creating great stories or sharing wonderful information to entertain or educate you isn’t easy. The only thing wrong with the photo to the left is that she is dressed far better than most authors working at home. For most writers, many of our … Read more

Happy Author’s Day 2012

Today is National Author’s Day. If you are an author—whether you’re self-published with a single book to your credit or multi-published by a major publisher—celebrate today. Whether your books have sold millions of copies or only a handful of copies, you have done something many people want to do and never achieve. If you are … Read more

Happy National Authors Day!

Today is National Authors Day, though I can’t find any official website or sponsoring organization. Virtual roses and chocolates to every author—whether you’re a famous, multi-published author or just starting your first book during NaNoWriMo. Indulge yourself. Enjoy your day. Thank God for your talent, the joy of doing what you love, and the blessing … Read more