National Book Blitz Month

January is Book Blitz Month. Apparently, it was started to encourage authors to promote their own books, but now it’s a time to go on a reading spree.

Harking back to the original intent, I’ll throw in a little promotion. Visit my books page to find great books (she said modestly) that I have written or edited. You’ll find novels, Christian devotionals, children’s books, how-to, and more.

Start the year off reading. You might want to read a book you’ve always intended to read, either because you think you would like it or simply to avoid admitting that you’ve never read it. Perhaps you’d like to try a new author or a new genre. You could set a goal of reading at least half an hour every day or aim to read a certain number of books in the month.

If you have children, read aloud to the kids and have them read aloud to you. Visit your public library and bring home a stack of books to finish before the due date.

Read a print book. Read an ebook on your phone. Listen to an audiobook. Do some of each. And carry that reading habit throughout the year.

For 2023, I set a goal on Goodreads of reading 200 books. I will also listen to a lot of audiobooks. Those won’t appear on my Goodreads shelves because I review them on Audible instead of Goodreads. For years, I faithfully reviewed every book I read, more than 2000 reviews, but I have been lax about writing reviews in recent years. I intend to be more faithful about posting reviews on Goodreads, Amazon, and Audible this year.

Enjoy your Book Blitz this month!

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