Reading Free Books

Jack Stories coverI read more than 250 books per year, but I spend very little money on books.

First, let me make clear that I believe authors should be paid fairly for their work. I would never download books from a pirate site or otherwise avoid paying full price for a book. However, I gladly take advantage of books offered free by the author or publisher, and I subscribe to several email/website lists that announce free and discounted books.

Right now, I have about 500 books in my Kindle, and I don’t think I’ve paid for any of them. They are all titles that I have found for free or that have been offered to me for free in exchange for an honest review. I do occasionally pay for books but usually read them immediately. If I read a free book and love it so much I want to read other books in a series or more by the same author, I will purchase the other book at full price. I also purchase specific books, especially nonfiction, that I want to read.

But, in general, I find all the books I could ever want to read at no cost–at least not in money. There is a cost in time because I read several lists of free and discounted books each day. Even when it comes to free books, I’m selective and download a free book only if it is in a genre I enjoy reading and only if the description appeals to me.

I subscribe to lists that offer the genres I like to read. When I come across a new free ebook site, I sign up and try it out. If I find books I like, I continue the subscription. However, if the list offers mostly books in genres I don’t usually read, I will cancel the subscription so I don’t waste my time.

The list below includes my favorites as well as some others that those who read different genres might like:

Other sources for free ebooks (including classic literature) can be found in Download free ebooks from EBook Friendly.

You can also free Kindle books on and

And, speaking of free books at Smashwords, you can download all my self-published books at no cost. I hope you enjoy them.

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