Global eBook Awards

My novel, Dream or Destiny, is a nominee for a Global eBook Award in the Mystery/Suspense/Thriller Mystery category (updated 7/1/11: the large category has been broken into two smaller ones) and the Best eBook Cover category. This is the first year of the awards, sponsored by publishing guru Dan Poynter, so books published in previous … Read more

Congratulations to My Client David Bowles

My client David Bowles has had two kudos recently: His novel Adam’s Daughters: Book 2 in the Westward Sagas was named an award-winning finalist in the Fiction & Literature: Historical Fiction category of the Best Books 2010. His blog, The Westward Sagas, was named a Top Genealogy Blog by Online Colleges and Universities! David will join me, … Read more

Interview with David Bowles, author of The Westward Sagas

My guest today is David Bowles, a client and friend. He has just released the second book in his historical fiction trilogy, which I edited for him. Lillie: Thank you for visiting A Writer’s Words, An Editor’s Eye today, David. Of course, I know all about Adam’s Daughters, but my readers don’t. Please tell them … Read more