Building Long-Term Client Relationships – Part 4: Example – The Beginning

I’ve talked in general about my business model. Now, let’s discuss my long-term relationship with a single client. To maintain client confidentiality, my example will be a hypothetical writer who is a composite of several clients. I’ll share my client experience and intersperse comments about how my actions helped create a long-term client relationship. Susan was … Read more

Building Long-Term Client Relationships – Part 3: My Business Model

My business model won’t work for everyone; in fact, it probably won’t work for anyone reading this. My goal is for you to find some useful information that you can adapt to fit your own business model. Although, my blog title says I’m a writer and editor, my services are actually much broader than that. I’ve … Read more

Building Long-Term Client Relationships – Part 1: Why

Perhaps I should title this series “How I Build Long-Term Client Relationships.” Many of my methods will not be appropriate to everyone. If you are interested in writing for magazines only, you won’t be interested in my advice on expanding your services. However, I hope you will find some helpful tips that you can adapt … Read more