Five Tips to Increase Freelance Productivity—Guest Post from Carol Williams

Even if working freelance is a strong trend, many freelancers are still in the dark as to how to make the most from their creative freedom. If you’re a freelance writer in need of productivity boost, this post is for you. Here are 5 actionable tips to help you increase—maybe double—your productivity in freelance writing.

1. Schedule your time.

A daily routine is your best strategy for boosting productivity. Start your day by writing on a sticky note all the tasks you must complete. It will help you stay focused on your work. Plus, ticking off an item from your list will feel incredibly satisfying.

For more complex to-do lists, try apps like Wunderlist or Evernote. They synchronize across your devices, helping you to stay on top of your tasks on the go. Develop a clear plan for every day, break your objectives into small tasks, and stick to your routine. You’ll never feel overwhelmed by the amount of work you need to complete and consequently make the most from your time.

2. Set the right focus.

Instead of counting the minutes or hours, set your eyes on your objectives. Even if you spend 3 hours on a project, it doesn’t mean the quality of your work was high—especially if you spent half of that time with eyes glued to your social media feed.

Don’t let hours available to you during a day define your work rhythm. Work enough to accomplish your short term goals and push bigger projects forward. Great articles can be created in a matter of hours, so don’t organize your work by time. This new approach will help you to maximize your output from every minute of work.

3. Take productive breaks.

Not every break will help you relax and return to work with a refreshed mind. If you eat a fatty snack, browse social media, or watch cat videos on YouTube, you’re bound to feel less energetic and motivated. Why not go out, take a walk, or even do some mundane things like organizing your workspace or doing the dishes? All will help your brain to relax and effectively use your time every single day.

4. Switch to a new task when experiencing a block.

Writer’s block is something we all know. How can you deal with it and remain productive? Switch to a completely different task. Don’t stop working, but direct your attention somewhere else. And make sure that the task at hand is completely different—research a different topic, try your hand at turning your post into a Slideshare presentation, or respond to that stack of emails left abandoned in your inbox. This will help you to return to writing with new motivation.

5. Use strategies that work for other freelancers.

Finally, try one of the methods that boost productivity and help freelancers get lots of work done in record time. One such strategy is called the Pomodoro Technique. Take a timer, break down your work into 25-minute intervals, and set off to work. Once your time is up, you can take a short break and then return to your task. During those 25 minutes, you should be completely focused on your task—you’ll see how the time passing will motivate you to enter into a highly productive workflow.

Success in freelance writing depends on your productivity and how fast you’re able to deliver a product to your client. Without anyone supervising your work or motivating you to work harder, it’s up to you to employ smart strategies to give you an instant energy boost and lots of motivation to keep on writing.

About the author: Carol Williams is part of the team behind – free online check directors tool. She is interested in productivity at work issues and loves to share her insights through writing and lecturing.

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