Freelance Writers: Tips for Becoming More Productive While Working from Home – Guest Post by Brian Jenkins

Motivation leads to an increase in productivity. An increase in productivity leads to a more fulfilling day and a higher income. If you work at home as a freelance writer, chances are you know how easy it is to get distracted during the work day. So what can you do? No, you don’t need to hire an expensive motivational coach to hang out in your home office. Just follow these important tips and you will likely increase your focus, creativity, and productivity.

  • Creative hours: For many writers there are specific times during the day when their creative juices are really flowing. These are not the times to read and send text messages, check email, or perform routine work around the house. Take advantage of these creative periods by working on projects that require a high level of creativity or by writing for clients you really want to impress.
  • Be organized: A cluttered office can really hurt your morale. You’ll probably notice a change in the atmosphere once you clean and organize your office. You’ll probably wonder why you didn’t clear up the clutter earlier. Additionally, an organized office will make you feel more professional.
  • Change projects: If you get bogged down on a particular writing project, put it to the side and work on something else, something very different. You just may have new ideas when you get back to the other project.
  • Set goals: Setting goals breeds motivation. Set objectives such as finding a specific number of new clients every month.
  • Regular office hours: Regular office hours remind writers that work is the primary focus of the day. Keeping regular office hours promotes a more professional attitude which typically leads to an increase in productivity. Also, a defined lunch schedule can help prevent the tempting two-hour lunch.
  • Dress for work: Successful business people typically don’t tout the benefits of wearing pajamas to work. If you relax your dress code, your work habits may be effected negatively and you may not even realize it.
  • Limit distractions: It’s easy to get distracted by children, pets, email, telephone calls, social networking sites, etc. etc. etc. Distractions can take up huge chunks of valuable time. Wait until your scheduled break times to respond to those emails or return those phone calls. And by the way, don’t create unscheduled break times to tend to these distractions!
  • Dedicated workplace: It’s often recommended that work-at-home professionals have a dedicated workplace. It cuts down on distractions and reminds others that you are at work. However, occasionally changing the workplace setting can be refreshing and inspirational. This can be especially helpful if you’re in a rut or facing a serious case of writer’s block.
  • Exercise: Take a couple of walks during the day. Exercise will make you feel better. And while you’re exercising, forget about work!

Increasing your productivity means a higher salary. Treat your office as if it was located in a traditional office building and you will boost the quantity and quality of your work. Also, and perhaps most importantly, remember to set aside some time to have fun during the day!

A member of the BrainTrack writing team for two years, Brian Jenkins writes about a variety of topics. He has contributed information about careers and education for writers to the website.


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