Happy Birthday to My Blog

yellow lily

If my memory is correct, I started a website about 1999 when I published my first novel. The Wayback Machine first archived my site in early 2001. But for several years, updating the site anytime I wanted to announce anything new was a major endeavor. Through the years, I used programs from Publisher to Dreamweaver … Read more

Post #1500!

When I started my blog more than seven years ago, I didn’t think about the future. I was just thinking about coming up with ideas for posts for the next day, the next week. Time passed, and with the passing of time came the accumulation of blog posts. This post is #1500, an average of … Read more

Happy Belated Blog Birthday!

I don’t pay much attention to statistics like numbers of visitors and page views to my blog. In fact, I seldom login to Google Analytics. However, I generally pay close attention to blog milestones, such as numbers of posts and comments and my blog’s birthday/anniversary/blogiversary/whatever-you-call-an-annual-blog-milestone. So I was surprised to realize my blog turned five … Read more

Post #700

This is the 700th display of brilliance, eloquence, wisdom, originality, sagacity … uh, ah … I mean, the 700th post on this blog. Thank you for visiting and reading and commenting on the posts, even if they aren’t brilliant, eloquent, wise, original, or sagacious. 🙂

Comment #10,000+

My comment counter just turned over 10,000. Actually, I’ve had more than 10,000 comments (including my own) since the beginning of my blog. When I moved the blog just about a year ago, all my nested comments were lost. I have no idea how many comments were lost then. Almost all of the nested comments, … Read more