Happy Belated Blog Birthday!

I don’t pay much attention to statistics like numbers of visitors and page views to my blog. In fact, I seldom login to Google Analytics. However, I generally pay close attention to blog milestones, such as numbers of posts and comments and my blog’s birthday/anniversary/blogiversary/whatever-you-call-an-annual-blog-milestone.

So I was surprised to realize my blog turned five years old a couple of months ago, and I totally ignored the occasion. Matt left a comment on my post about funny spam, saying he wished he got the spam I got because he’s not getting many comments on his blog. I responded that I didn’t get many comments either when I started my blog. However, after being online (counting on my fingers) five years …

But wait! I don’t remember writing a fifth-blog-birthday post. I checked my archives in case my mind was playing tricks on me and confirmed that I had, indeed, ignored this occasion.

Maybe I overlooked the birthday because “time flies when you’re having fun” or “the older you get the faster time passes” or <insert your favorite cliche here>. Maybe it slipped up on me because it hadn’t been long since I recognized 1000 posts. Obviously, I overlooked the date when I transferred important dates from my 2010 editorial calendar to the 2011 calendar.

So help yourself to some virtual birthday cake and punch and join me in wishing a happy belated birthday to A Writer’s Words, An Editor’s Eye.

As I’ve said in every milestone post, you—my readers—make blogging fun, and I appreciate each one of you.

I plan to keep blogging for many more years as long as you keep coming here to read and comment.

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