Happy Birthday!

The last year and a half have been as crazy for me as for the rest of the world. A move from my home of 53 years to a retirement community combined with COVID lockdowns, medical issues, and going from a walker to a manual wheelchair to a scooter to a power wheelchair distracted me … Read more

Happy birthday to my blog!

Twelve years and 2,160 posts ago, I sat down to write my first blog post. In that post, I said I would writing about my current projects, sharing writing and editing tips, and covering electronic publishing. While I’ve done those things, I’ve added other subjects. The word cloud in the sidebar shows that the most-used … Read more

Six Years Old Today …

Six years ago today, I said “Hello” to the blogosphere. Six years, 1,200+ posts, and 22,000+ comments later, I love blogging more than ever. In previous birthday (or is it anniversary or blogiversary?) posts, I’ve shared what I’ve learned and how my blog has evolved. A Writer’s Words, An Editor’s Eye is one year old … Read more

Happy Belated Blog Birthday!

I don’t pay much attention to statistics like numbers of visitors and page views to my blog. In fact, I seldom login to Google Analytics. However, I generally pay close attention to blog milestones, such as numbers of posts and comments and my blog’s birthday/anniversary/blogiversary/whatever-you-call-an-annual-blog-milestone. So I was surprised to realize my blog turned five … Read more