Happy Birthday to My Blog

If my memory is correct, I started a website about 1999 when I published my first novel. The Wayback Machine first archived my site in early 2001. But for several years, updating the site anytime I wanted to announce anything new was a major endeavor. Through the years, I used programs from Publisher to Dreamweaver to create, maintain, and update my site.

Then eleven years ago, on June 11, 2006, I added a blog to my website. My web hosting package included an installer for various website add-ons, including WordPress. So I added WordPress to my existing site. A couple of years later, I moved the entire site to WordPress and here I have stayed.

If you check out the Series page, you’ll find series on editing, freelance writing, self-publishing, memoirs, and more.

Look through the archive by category to find posts ranging from Advent and Lent devotionals to causes I believe in to writing and publishing advice. With more than 2000 posts, I hope you’ll find something of value.

In the height of the popularity of blogging, many people came to the blog and left comments, and I made a lot of friends. Today most of that activity has moved to social media sites rather than individual blogs. That’s why all my posts are connected to Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and LinkedIn.

Thank you to the faithful readers who have been with me for a long time. I can’t say from the beginning, because I don’t think anyone discovered me for several months. I also appreciate everyone who has found me recently through social media. I hope to be blogging for many more years.

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