Ben Ferguson Awarded Order of Aaron and Hur

The Order of Aaron and Hur is the only award given by the US Army Chaplain Corps to persons who are not part of the Chaplain Corps. Today, as part of the 244th anniversary of the founding of the Chaplain Corps, my friend and client Ben Ferguson was awarded this high honor. Ben was recognized … Read more

A Pause to Refresh

Several years ago, I met Ben Ferguson through a priest who had become an Army chaplain after serving as my parish priest for several years. Ben was one of the founders of an organization, Adopt-A-Chaplain, “supporting our troops through the chaplains who serve them.” I worked with him to re-edit and re-publish a Christian living … Read more

God, I’ve Got a Problem, Part 1, by Ben Ferguson

God, I've Got A Problem cover

Note from Lillie: I interviewed Ben Ferguson about his work with Adopt-A-Chaplain four years ago. I failed to post about his book when it came out last year. To make up for that oversight, I’ve invited Ben to share the story of his book. Here is the first installment; Part 2 will appear next week. … Read more

Interview with Ben Ferguson: Chaplain to the Chaplains

Usually the guests I interview on my blog are authors—and today’s guest is, in fact, an author. However,  Ben Ferguson is doing something he considers much more important than writing at the moment, and that something is what we’re going to talk about today. I first met Ben virtually through my friend and former pastor, … Read more