Ben Ferguson Awarded Order of Aaron and Hur

The Order of Aaron and Hur is the only award given by the US Army Chaplain Corps to persons who are not part of the Chaplain Corps. Today, as part of the 244th anniversary of the founding of the Chaplain Corps, my friend and client Ben Ferguson was awarded this high honor. Ben was recognized for fifteen years as “chaplain to the chaplains” through the organization he cofounded. Adopt-a-Chaplain supports our troops by supporting chaplains.

I’ve worked with Ben on two books: God, I’ve Got a Problem and A Pause to Refresh. You can learn more about Ben and his books in these earlier posts:

Both of Ben’s book are free in ebook format, and they are well worth reading.

Congratulations to Ben on this well-deserved and prestigious honor, and thanks for all he and Adopt-a-Chaplain do to support the troops through the chaplains.

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