A Pause to Refresh

Several years ago, I met Ben Ferguson through a priest who had become an Army chaplain after serving as my parish priest for several years. Ben was one of the founders of an organization, Adopt-A-Chaplain, “supporting our troops through the chaplains who serve them.” I worked with him to re-edit and re-publish a Christian living … Read more

Interview with Ben Ferguson: Chaplain to the Chaplains

Usually the guests I interview on my blog are authors—and today’s guest is, in fact, an author. However,  Ben Ferguson is doing something he considers much more important than writing at the moment, and that something is what we’re going to talk about today. I first met Ben virtually through my friend and former pastor, … Read more

Let’s Say Thanks

Let’s Say Thanks is a troop support program sponsored by Xerox. You can choose a card design created by a child, select a message or compose your own, and create the card online. Xerox distributes the cards to our troops through the military support organization Give2TheTroops®. If you want to send a card to a … Read more

What’s Adopt-a-Chaplain All About?

I receive a weekly update on the activities of Adopt-a-Chaplain from my friend and client Ben Ferguson. Last week, Adopt-a-Chaplain had a booth at the Spirit West Coast Christian music festival. Ben gave permission for me to quote the following from this week’s update (emphasis added). What’s Adopt-a-Chaplain All About? Visitors to our booth at … Read more

Adopt-a-Chaplain News

My chaplain friend, Fr. Jerry, introduced me to Ben Ferguson to edit a book Ben is writing. They met through Adopt-a-Chaplain, the organization that Ben co-founded and that blessed Fr. Jerry and his troops while he was stationed in Iraq. A recent article in the Silicon Valley Community Newspapers tells more about this great project … Read more