Finding God in the Everyday Booksigning

My new devotional book, Finding God in the Everyday, is available now, the perfect time for Christmas giving. The book includes ninety devotionals based on experiences in my own life. I wrote previously about how God called me to write this book. I’ve been blessed to have some wonderful endorsements from people who read an advance copy … Read more

God, I’ve Got a Problem, Part 1, by Ben Ferguson

God, I've Got A Problem cover

Note from Lillie: I interviewed Ben Ferguson about his work with Adopt-A-Chaplain four years ago. I failed to post about his book when it came out last year. To make up for that oversight, I’ve invited Ben to share the story of his book. Here is the first installment; Part 2 will appear next week. … Read more

Book Review: Crossing the Scriptures by Debra Chapoton

Crossing the Scriptures: The Amazing Bible Study by Debra Chapoton My rating: 5 of 5 stars Christians sometimes wonder if there is any value to studying the Old Testament, with its genealogies, strange laws, violence, and vengeance. The author shows how the entire Bible ties together in a beautiful tapestry of God’s truth. In the … Read more