Remembering 9/11 Twelve Years Later

Today we remember 9/11 on the twelfth anniversary of the terrorist attack. The 9/11 Memorial Museum is collecting stories and artifacts of that fateful day The museum contains artifacts from the Twin Towers, but it is also built around the remains. It is a museum built around an artifact.The museum showcases many of the artifacts … Read more

Remembering 9/11

That Tuesday morning, I was headed out for an interview for a part-time job. My husband Jack was driving a school bus, and he called me moments before I left the house and told me to turn on the TV. I was flabbergasted to see that a plane had flown into the World Trade Center, … Read more

Patriot Day: In Memory of 9/11

The following video is provided by “The 9/11 Keeping Faith, Keeping Freedom Committee” of San Antonio, Texas, which is encouraging all churches to hold ecumenical services on the eighth anniversary of 9/11. I will attend the memorial service at All Saints Anglican Church.