Sanctity of Life

What do the people in the photos in this collage have in common? They are all wonderfully made by our Lord, in His image. Even the one who is visible only in the shape of her mother’s body. Even the dirty one begging on the street. Even the ones who can’t walk, whether because of … Read more

Sanctity of Life Sunday

Today is Sanctity of Life Sunday. Pastor Russell Moore wrote: I hate Sanctity of Human Life Sunday because I’m reminded that we have to say things to one another that human beings shouldn’t have to say. Mothers shouldn’t kill their children. Fathers shouldn’t abandon their babies. No human life is worthless, regardless of skin color, … Read more

Religious Freedom Day

I was sick yesterday and failed to write a post for Religious Freedom Day, which is January 16th. Although late, I wanted to recognize this important day. Freedom of religion is one of our most significant freedoms, and we must stand up for it in a time when “separation of church and state” is predominant. … Read more

National Day of Remembrance for Aborted Children

Most aborted babies are discarded or sold for body parts. But prolife activists have gathered the remains of thousands of aborted babies and buried them in gravesites around the nation. On the National Day of Remembrance for Abortion Children, those who believe in the sanctity of life are encouraged to visit one of these gravesites or … Read more

Thanks to October 2011 Commenters

Thank you to the 82 commenters who left 128 comments in October. Your comments extended the conversation and added value and interest, and I enjoyed replying to every one of them. Every month when I post thanks to commenters, I get questions about how I compile this list. I have explained my system in detail … Read more