Cell Phone Users and Abusers

Brad Shorr is holding a contest at Word Sell. This is my entry in Cell Phone Users and Abusers.

I had been thinking about this post for several days. There are so many people who abuse cell phones that I was having a hard time narrowing down my focus. People take their eyes off the road, their hands off the steering wheel, and their minds off their driving to talk on the phone. Cell phones have become so invasive that our church has signs on the back of each pew: Silenceth thy cell phone.

On my way to Bible study last week, I encountered the worst case of cell phone abuse I’ve personally experienced. A guy on a bicycle was apparently taking a short cut through the church parking lot. As I turned into the driveway, he wobbled from side to side on his bicycle, holding a cell phone up to his ear with one hand and trying to guide the bike with the other hand on the handlebars. I don’t think he ever even saw me as I swerved to miss him. He continued his conversation without even looking up. He wore shorts and T-shirt and no helmet.

Being so careless in an automobile is extremely dangerous, but to be so reckless with exposed legs, arms, and head on a bicycle in the path of oncoming cars … that strikes me as a death wish!

What is your worst experience with Cell Phone Users and Abusers? You still have time to enter the contest for a chance at one of eight prizes ranging from $50 to $500. The prizes are being given by Brad’s client Dr. Mike O’Malley to promote his book called Cell Hell – 55 Cell Phone Users You’d Like to Silence. Mike offers the badge at the top of this post to anyone who joins the fight against cell phone abuse.

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